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Buzzherd offers a great selection of useful tools for you to be able to create your own business buzz - then spread it!

Each tool has been designed to help create maximum impact for the business owner. We want to give you the opportunity to network and market yourself and your business in a really flexible way which suits your business and your personality. And don't forget - best of all, it's completely free!

There are a few main functions you can explore and actively develop for yourself on buzzherd: a profile page, a herd, a blog and a directory listing. Here's a helpful little summary to help you get the most out of the site for your business!

Profile Page: this is your chance to tell the buzzherd community all about who you are - so go sell yourself! The key elements to complete here are uploading your photograph (say cheese!), saying a little about who you are in the 'About You' section, and mentioning 'Who You'd Like To Meet'. Completeting these first steps will help you create your desired image, and tells other members what kinds of business relationships you are looking to build.

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Herd: this is a page you can create within buzzherd to market your own business or group. Herds are fully customizable - the idea is for you to build a community where you can add members, create and host discussion forums, have a public (or indeed, private) calendar of upcoming events, and announce special dates and information to all your wonderful followers! Additionally, your herd can be linked to from your own website, creating a community page from which you can manage announcements, members, and other information.

Blog: do you have a wealth of interesting information to tell the world? Then, go blog! Use your blog as a place to publish your thoughts and opinions, daily activities and general discoveries on whatever topic you choose - although a topic relevant to your business is probably a good idea! It's a great way to establish yourself as the pre-eminent expert in that field. Play around with different posts and once you get into a bit of a routine, you might even find it addictive. Seriously - there's plenty of people that do!

Directory: buzzherd also has a fabulous (if we do say so ourselves!) online directory of local companies broken down by industry and sub-specialization. The directory listings allow people to quickly find potential business partners, and any range of particular service they might be looking for.

Advertising: if you're interested in getting your company name out there to an even greater extent, then we have the perfect place for you to do just that! Within the directory you'll find highlighted listings at the top of the pages where sponsoring business are displayed in a prominent position. These paid advertising positions allow for highly targeted marketing and so more qualified customers for you and your business. Every time a search within the directory brings up that page, you are guaranteed pride of place at the top of the page. Rejoice - you are King of the buzzherd directory. To discuss the possibilities available to your business, please email advertising@buzzherd.com with a brief summary of your needs. A buzzherd sales representative will get in contact with you to discuss the options available for your business.

Anyway, what are you waiting for - let's get networking!