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May 22, 2009
- Re: Welcome!

I'd like to personally welcome everyone to the Elle Group Buzzherd! 
What is Elle Group?
elle (el) pronoun meaning she or her; third person singular feminine.
Elle Group is a networking organization consisting of ladies with all backgrounds, walks of life and ages for the purpose of supporting the needs, wants and desires, professionally and personally of one other.

The purpose of getting to know your fellow women in business is because sales is all about building relationships. Whether you find your next hot lead or next best girlfriend – it’s all about the relationship. People do business and refer their friends, associates and family to people they know and they trust. Wouldn’t you like to have every woman you meet at a meeting out promoting your business? Because it’s not about her, but who she knows. Remember, business happens when relationships are built.
Elle Group is about building community through a solid support network. And it’s all about doing it with life balance. Our mission is: Enrich your life. Pamper your body. Nurture your spirit. Accelerate your business. Celebrate your soul.
My passion is to inspire and empower women. My dream is that this network grows, in size and its ability to provide women with the resources and support whatever their issues or challenges, as well as, giving praise and applause for a job well done. As it is essential to be recognized for our achievements and triumphs, more importantly, we all need to be acknowledged for our attempts and efforts.
I look forward to networking with and for you!
Excellent journee, Tara Becker

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