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Buzzherd has an extensive online business directory of local companies broken down by industry and sub-specialization; and the best news - being listed on it is absolutely free! The directory listings allow people to quickly find potential business partners, and any range of particular service they might be looking for. Both members and non-members of the buzzherd network can search for your business as well as seeing you within a specific industry listing.

Advertising: if you're interested in getting your company name out there to an even greater extent, then we have the perfect place for you to do just that! Within the directory you'll find highlighted listings at the top of the pages where sponsoring business are displayed in a prominent position. These paid advertising positions allow for highly targeted marketing and so more qualified customers for you and your business. Every time a search within the directory brings up that page, you are guaranteed pride of place at the top of the page. Rejoice - you are King of the buzzherd directory!

To discuss the possibilities available to your business, please email with a brief summary of your needs. A buzzherd sales representative will get in contact with you to discuss the options available for your business.

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